What are the Benefits of Automation Testing

4 min readJul 5, 2021


What is Automation Testing?

Before the discussion about the benefits of Automation Testing, We should focus on the topic of what is Automation Testing. Automation testing refers to the process of software verification through which you can perform all the major functions and steps automatically by using specially designed tools. It is an alternative to manual functional testing, where tests are performed by a program instead of human. But we don’t make similar automation testing to automated tests. The subsequent is the scope of tasks that can be automated.

How does Automation Testing work?

Automation Testing is a process where the use of special software is involved besides the one being tested. QAs can start the automated tests at any time and they can be repeated multiple times. These tests are launched and executed very rapidly and appropriately. The execution of the tests are perfectly monitored by QAs and then it is compared to expected and actual


Why is Automation required?

Automation testing lies the capability to simplify the frequency of the repeated or time-consuming tasks necessary for maximizing test coverage. Moreover, sometimes manual testing is not proficient to detect certain classes of mistakes. In such cases, automation is the process that can aid to save time and the smart allocation of resources.

Benefits of Automation Testing: The question arising in the mind is that why automation testing is better than manual? There are some important benefits of Automation testing discussed below:

Better and Effective Testing quality:

When it comes to the matter of Automation testing, then the mistake is excluded performed by human beings. While running tests, the programs used for this purpose don’t get tired or become inattentive. The accuracy level of testing is assessed at close to 99.9%.

Advanced level of testing opportunities:

The advanced testing opportunities utilities can provide you with a better scope of quickly dealing with the tasks that include extra investments or specialists if manually is occurred.

Intact test quality due to acceleration:

While the Automation testing course in Kolkata can complete a huge amount of works in a very minimal time because of allowing using ready scripts without further development. So the acceleration of the work can’t affect the test quality or blur the results. So the team gets extra time to deal with the problem zones manually by testing.

Advantage of multiple time usage:

You can get the privilege to use the same test an ample amount of times until you can make sure or be satisfied. Simultaneously, you can perform several tests on several devices with different configurations without affecting the efficiency of the results.

Distance of Autostart:

The server load speed is minimal within 2am to 5 am . This time is known as the optimal time for running tests. A QA doesn’t need to wake up early to start working.

Detailed versions of the report:

It gives the manual and detailed version of reports after every test.

Time and Cost-effective results:

In case of large high load projects , the most important factor that requires to focus more attention on details and also more effective quality control. Over the long-running years, only automation testing has the capacity and efficiency level for finance projects, e-commerce websites, online casinos etc. If you prone to replace the automation test, then you need to arrange 3 to 8 live QAs of flesh and bone, each with a $25+hour rate.

So, If you can figure out the advantages of automation testing in the above discussion comparing to manual test, then you will definitely tend to experience the convenient factors of Automation and be familiarized with its advanced level presentation without any dispute. Regarding this, we would like to introduce you to some of the top popular automation tools with great output such as Selenium, Katalon Studio, UTF, IMB RTF, Tricentis Tosca etc.




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