Let’s Know The Latest Innovations In Robotics.

3 min readSep 14, 2021


Robots are used for advancing our everyday lives. This can help to make our lives healthier and even more accessible. Machines are expected to continue their epic transition and various initiatives in new fields like pharmacies, the automotive sector, research labs, and many more. There are countless robots used in the manufacturing industry, which is a considerable contribution to produce higher quality products. They are very effective for doing fundamental jobs or tasks. Also, using these robots are more cost-effective, less prone to errors and even Less downtime. That is why all the manufacturer’s industries choose robots and enjoy higher retention rates. Some of society’s most critical problems, such as improving labour safety and labour shortage, can be solved by inventing these industrial robotics. So below, we give you six different AI machines that are primarily introduced in robotics workshops.

Asus Zenbo

The Asus Zenbo is a very low-cost robot. It can effectively walk around, and also it can understand verbal language. Asus developers used this device to help individuals remember their daily activities like exercise, medication, and doctor appointments. Eventually, Zenbo is also used to detect any emergency out there. It can also connect with any smart home appliance like lights, security cameras and door locks.


Paro is a therapeutic robot. Its appearance is like a baby harp seal. This fury device is used to help reduce stress levels and create stimulation interaction between patients and caretakers. It also helps to motivate patients and assist them to relax. Psychological effects are derived from the recorded benefits of animal therapy. It can activate with five different sensors like tactile, posture, audition, light and temperature.


Pepper is a humanoid robot who can talk. It can adopt an attitude based on how it perceives the moods of the people around it. This can detect human’s emotions like joy, sadness, anger and also surprise. Eventually, this also catches a natural and appropriate fashion. To see the sounds, multi-directional microphones are used in pepper. To detect the vision, a combination of 2 HD and 3D cameras is used. So that it recognizes sharp objects. Also, seeing the tone of voice analyzes the lexical field, which helps to understand emotional context accurately.

Google’s worker robots

In this matter, Google has come to the field to create workers robots with personalities. This project signed a patent for the ambitious project. Here engineers have to input personalities through cloud-based systems. Also, they are successful in this matter. Robots can store or display multiple characters while interacting with humans.

Saul Robot

The Saul robot is made for fighting deadly viruses like ebola. The Air Force deployed the machine to eradicate the virus in rooms where support personnel conducted isolation procedures. Developed by Genex, Saul eliminates the Ebola signs by using strong stalks of powerful ultraviolet rays. That is why it can break down the cell walls of the virus.

Delivery Robot

In January, Ford became the first customer for Robotics’ Digit into a factory setting. It has shiny limbs and also has a sensor. Eventually, this robot helps to detect various obstacles like stairs and even all kinds of terrains. Even though it has one foot and can walk upright, it is solid enough that it can pick up up to 40 pounds of stack boxes which is a big thing. This robot can fold itself so that it can fit into a compact storage.

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