Let’s Familiarize with the Latest Trends In PCB Design

3 min readSep 7, 2021


PCB (Printed circuit boards) design saves wires, reduces electronic noises & eliminates errors. A beginner & intermediate PCB Designers can easily earn 3 to 6 lakhs per annum in India. Indeed, the salary will rise based on your skill & years of experience. Therefore, an engineer should update themselves with the latest trends in PCB design & manufacturing.

So keep reading this article & Let’s Familiarize with the Latest Trends In PCB Design.

Top 6 Latest Trends In PCB Design:-

High Powerboards Trending:-

These days the demand for high power volts is increasing rapidly. Indeed, 48V or high power PCB’s efficiently operate more significant components such as Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers, expensive battery packs etc. In this modern era, every device develops based on capability, power & performance. Therefore, PCB manufacturers focused more on high voltage PCBs that are compatible with 48V or higher. In addition, future PCBs become thinner, heat-absorbing, lightweight, durable & hold more thermal energy. For instance, PCB manufacturers in Kolkata keep their engineers upgraded with this trend. And trains them to use thicker copper in upcoming high voltage PCB. It provides a more excellent power supply & reduces the track width of the same current efficiently.

IoT for faster communication:-

“Internet of things” Strategies used for more than a decade now. It is mainly applied to make small & compact devices intelligent, easy to monitor & control. In this era, most home & office devices are smart & accessible via voice command. Same thing pursuing to develop innovative PCBs nowadays. Therefore, the users will get much more lightweight, compact & easy to access PCBs in future.

Furthermore, IOT applying PCBs comes with security & solid internal components. It means today’s PCB design training is more focused on the design & build construction of the Printed circuit boards. It includes the IoT technologies & compact size of the device.

More focused on chain control supply:-

Counterfeit electronic components are a problematic matter in the hardware manufacturer industry. Fake elements design the copied version of a legit component. Therefore, factors such as misleading information are crucial for PCB manufacturers. However, a reputed PCB manufacturer in Kolkata has already started work to tighten the supply chain of these components. For instance, leading manufacturers pursue tempo automation to accelerate product innovation in the upcoming days. This process eliminates the time consumption, ensures PCB quality & identifies fake or vulnerable elements.

Pursuing ready-made solution — COTS components:-

COTS refers to commercial off-the-shelf components. Moreover, these are the ready-mate products that are ready for sale or commercial use. These ready-made solutions bring improvement in PCB designs. Although, experts say COTS components get standardization and reliability in space-based systems. In addition, these components have various advantages in the PCB industry. Followings are below

● Most parts are always available to deliver & cost-effective also

● COTS components are reliable

● The manufacturing process based on technology

Flex PCB Boards:-

In the PCB manufacturing industry, the demand for Flex PCB boards is rising day by day. One of the possible reasons behind the proportion is — this board increases capability & high reliability. Flex circuits are much more advanced than traditional rigid boards. Indeed, Flexible circuits boards are best suited for sensor & medical devices. Apart from that, these designs are also very effective in various applications that have high temperature & density. In short, flex circuits are used in multiple applications to save space & enhance flexibility. Any individual can learn such development from PCB design certification courses.

Lastly, we can conclude that the PCB manufacturing industry is now becoming more advanced & more innovative than in the past. Everyone pursuing new technology, designs & trends that keep the device much brighter, capable & cost saving. Engineers should update themselves on these changes. It will help in the future to get various opportunities.




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