Future Prospect Of Cloud Computing In India

3 min readAug 30, 2021


Cloud computing has an important place in the tech sector. Demand for Cloud Computing reaches new heights rapidly day by day. What’s the future? You should know by this “Future Prospect Of Cloud Computing In India” guide.

Cloud Computing is a concept of storage & sharing multiple services through the internet. For example, google drive, a cloud-based service where users store digital files, templates, sheets and other media. In addition, users can share their files & collaborate with third parties.

The report says the cloud computing market in India already reaches 2.2 billion valuations. In 2020, the valuation should be expected to be $4 billion. Most importantly, millions of jobs are opening in India because of current changes made by corporations. Therefore, more organizations are pursuing the concept of cloud computing these days.

Future scope of cloud computing

Every corporation is shifting its business online. In such a case, keeping the database secure from hackers and malware is crucial. Cloud storage gives access to secure owners data effectively. Hence, a skilled cloud expert develops a dedicated server to keep the database safe from cyber attacks.

In short, providing security is the main reason behind cloud computing. Expèrt who know this domain make a lot of money in the future.

However, cloud computing valuation reaches 128 billion USD by the end of 2018. Experts see never-ending possibilities in the growth of this sector. In addition, giant corporations make considerable investments in cloud services. Indeed, cloud computing gives the flexibility to access databases from anywhere. It saves time, effort, and cost-effectively.

One of the best examples is Netflix who continuously expands its network via cloud services like AWS.

Lastly, experts see massive potential in cloud services. The report says the market of cloud may reach $371.4 billion to $ 832.1 billion by 2025. Hence, here you get plenty of opportunities to make a bright future. Therefore, the end of cloud computing is a long-term forecast.

Future of cloud computing jobs

Rember, experience expands your value. It means a professional could expect a massive salary in the IT sector. A beginner should expect 5lakhs to 7lakhs per annum salary. On the other hand, a mid-range professional makes 15–20 lakhs per annum. However, it depends on the expertise, skill & department you choose as a cloud expert.

Indeed, multiple sectors are available in the cloud computing domain. Followings are below

● Cloud Computing Software Engineer or Senior

● Java Developer or Senior

● Systems Engineer or Senior Administrator

● Network Engineer

● Enterprise Architect

● Engineer

The expected salary will be much higher if anyone is an expert in both “virtualization & cloud”. Virtualization is a concept of developing something virtual like apps, files, storage, computer networks etc. However, it is not much easier than you think. Professional guidance is very much essential to gather such high-end skills.

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