Basic Introduction With The IoT Implementation at Home

3 min readAug 23, 2021


What is IoT?

The Internet Of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical objects, which is also known as “things” — that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies and also is used for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

Benefits of IoT:-

IoT is now a days a very important part of home automation, business, or any other field etc. There are some benefits of the Internet of Things:

•Cost Reduction

•Efficiency and Productivity

•Business Opportunities

•Customer Experience

•Mobility and Agility

IoT in Home Automation:-

IoT proves to be a very crucial technology dependent which all the appliances are working nowadays. The collaboration of IoT in home automation really helps you to face the techno savage world.

With the help of IoT devices, Home Automation now has become a very easy process that has helped IoT companies to flourish well.

IoT or the Internet of Things belongs to the brilliant features to fulfil the needs of your house. Some of the most innovative features of IoT applications are:

Lighting Facilities:

With the advanced IOT Technologies, you can easily avail the smart lighting services that can be automatically turn on or off without human interference. As a consequence, you can not only save time but also save the electricity bill because it is a nonrenewable resource for our planet. You can control the intensity of the bulb with the help of your smartphone. you can even control the amount of natural light entering your room. The IoT developers have proved their excellence with the smart lighting system.

Operate the Bathroom temperature:

Smart bathrooms can turn your dream into reality. With the automated system of IoT, you can control the temperature of your water, the amount of water you are using and even know about the variation of temperature by varied colours just with the help of your audio command.

Temperature control of the room:

If you want to enjoy the AC be turned on before you reach home so that you can enjoy a good resting time, then this IoT device is appropriate for you. Once you install a smart thermostat in your home, then you will be tension free about the temperature control of your house because it automatically adjusts the house temperature according to the outside temperature.

Facilities of Garden Management:

If you are craving a beautiful garden, but you don’t have time to manage it, then IOT has come up with a better solution for you. The powerful IOT sensors will give you the sign when the soil needs water or when the grass needs to be cut. So you can easily manage your garden without your presence with the help of IoT devices.

Security system Management:

The security system is very much necessary for our house. Once we go outside, sometimes the thought is protruding over our mind that, did we check the locks, did we close the windows? Haven’t we forgotten anything?

The smart security system developed by IoT provides you with an automatic door lock system to step outside your house. If anyone tries to enter forcefully then the alarm starts ringing and you can even have doorbells with video surveillance to know who is outside. All these activities you can manage by your smartphone.

Use of Kitchen Appliances smartly:

If you spend most of your time in the kitchen then IoT devices make the journey of your kitchen more friendly. Various appliances use IOT Technologies to make you feel relaxed even in your kitchen.

Safety Sensors :

IoT Applications play a very significant role in the form of sensors to detect various adversities that can occur in your home. You can also install various safety Sensors to help you get notifications about gas leakages, water leakages, fires, weather conditions etc.

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